About Us

AWM is only museum in the world dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of the contributions of women to the U.S. Army.

More Than A Museum

Historical Resources:
The museum's expert staff of curators, archivists, historians and educators is an excellent source for information about the service of Army women from 1775 to present.

Research Materials:
The Museum's archive has one of the most comprehensive and expansive collections in the world of primary and secondary documents pertaining to the history of U.S. Army women.

Artifact Collection:
The museum is the custodian and repository of artifacts and archival material pertaining to the service of women across all U.S. Army branches and organizations.

Educational Programs:
As a premier educational institution, we provide military history training, instruction and professional development to soldiers, veterans and the civilian community. We have National and State Standards-aligned K-12 programs. Our programs can be delivered at the museum, through outreach, or via our live broadcast studio.

Gallery Tours:
The museum collects, preserves, manages, interprets and exhibits its unique artifacts and documents as a means to provide training and educational outreach.